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Keane, Marcus and Crook, Lauren and Vieru, Catalina (2019) CSIDP: Ireland national action plan report. Dublin: Ana Liffey Drug Project.

PDF (Ireland national action plan report)

Civil society organisations have long been involved in the response to drugs and drug use in Ireland. Initially, in the 1980s, such activity was sometimes seen as a supplement to the perceived limitations of statutory responses, which, as in many other jurisdictions at the time, had a heavy focus on supply reduction, although many responses from civil society at the time also focused in this area. Over time, however, more focus on the importance and value of including civil society in policy forums and activities became apparent. For example, Local Drug Task Forces (LDTFs) were set up in 1997 to facilitate a more effective response to the drug problem in the areas experiencing the highest levels of drug use. As CityWide have noted this was to be achieved “through utilizing the knowledge and experience of local communities in designing and delivering those services.”. Task Force structures included representatives from both NGOs active in the area, as well as members of the local communities they serve. Later, the model was extended from Local to Regional areas, and there are now 24 task forces (14 local, 10 regional) in operation. In addition to the drug and alcohol task forces, there is also a range of civil society networks and actors operating on local, and regional levels…….

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