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Andreasson, Sven and Chikritzhs, Tanya and Dangardt, Frida and Holder, Harold D and Naimi, Timothy and Stockwell, Tim (2019) Alcohol and older people. Stockholm: Swedish Society of Medicine, Swedish Society of Nursing, CERA & IOGT-NTO.

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Alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm, whether in the form of chronic disease or acute harm, has increased amongst Sweden’s elderly in recent years. The percentage of the population classified as elderly has increased and will continue to do so. Prevention of disease and harm, including alcohol-related disease and harm, is, therefore, very important – both for all those at risk and for the health and medical care sector.

The report addresses the elderly’s increased sensitivity to the effects of alcohol which, in combination with the ageing process, may increase the risk of disease and accidents, even at relatively low consumption levels. It describes the relationship between alcohol and various diseases and problems from which the elderly may suffer, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, and cancer. The report also highlights the significance of lifetime lifestyles for health in old age.

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International, Report
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Harm reduction
February 2019
36 p.
Swedish Society of Medicine, Swedish Society of Nursing, CERA & IOGT-NTO
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