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Connecting for Life Evaluation Advisory Group. (2019) Connecting for life: interim strategy review. Dublin: National Office for Suicide Prevention.

PDF (Connecting for life: interim strategy review)

The HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP) invited the Connecting for Life (CfL) Evaluation Advisory Group (EAG) to undertake an independent Interim Review of CfL. The aims of the review were to examine the extent to which the key actions of the strategy are on-track to being achieved (by 2020), to help identify what is working well and where the challenges lie, and to help set strategic priorities for the next two years and beyond.


While Ireland’s overall suicide rate is among the lowest in the OECD, particular demographic groups have an increased risk of suicidal behaviour (according to national and international research evidence). These include young people aged 15-24, people with mental health problems of all ages, people with alcohol and drug problems, people bereaved by suicide, and prisoners. There are other groups, e.g., asylum seekers, refugees, migrants, sex workers and people with chronic illness or disability, with potentially increased vulnerability to suicidal behaviour where the research evidence is either less consistent or limited. Further research is required for these groups. While there is significant overlap between many of the groups, it is important to note that, even within a ‘high risk’ group, only a minority will engage in suicidal behaviour during their lifetime.

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