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Central Statistics Office. (2018) Recorded crime Q3 2018. Cork: Central Statistics Office.

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[These statistics are categorised as Under Reservation. This categorisation indicates that the quality of these statistics do not meet the standards required of official statistics published by the CSO.]

Includes: Table 1.1: Recorded crime incidents classified by offence group annualised total to Q3 2017 and 2018.
Controlled drug offences: 16,945 in 2017 and 17,958 in 2018, the percent change is 6.0%.

The link to the stats tables page has more detail. For example

CJQ03: Recorded Crime Offences Under Reservation by Garda Division, Type of Offence and Quarter


0412 ,Driving/in charge of a vehicle while over legal alcohol limit

0413 ,Driving/in charge of a vehicle under the influence of drugs

10 ,Controlled drug offences

1011 ,Importation of drugs

1012 ,Cultivation or manufacture of drugs

1021 ,Possession of drugs for sale or supply

1022 ,Possession of drugs for personal use

103 ,Other drug offences

133 ,Liquor licensing offences

Date:December 2018
Publisher:Central Statistics Office
Corporate Creators:Central Statistics Office
Place of Publication:Cork
Subjects:MM-MO Crime and law > Crime > Substance related crime > Crime associated with substance production and distribution
MM-MO Crime and law > Substance related offence > Drug offence > Illegal drug possession (seizures)
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