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Lambert, Sharon and O'Callaghan, Daniel and Jump, Owen (2018) Young families in the homeless crisis: challenges and solutions. Dublin: Focus Ireland.

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The purpose of this study is to understand the housing and support needs of young parents (aged 18–24 years) whose first step away from their home of origin leads to them and their children entering homelessness and being accommodated in emergency accommodation.


A large majority of the families that become homeless in the current crisis have previously lived in the private sector before losing their home. These families face particular problems in maintaining their family life and protecting their children in the context of living in emergency accommodation.


However, Focus Ireland research and services experiences have consistently identified that for between 20–25% of homeless parents are between the ages of 18–24 years, and 9% of these families’ first experience of living outside their own family of origin is in emergency homeless accommodation.1 These families typically report family conflict together with overcrowding before leaving the family home, and in the context of the current housing crisis, they are unable to secure their own housing. These families are likely to have limited experience of living as independent adults, let alone as parents.

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