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Central Statistics Office. (2018) Recorded crime Q2 2018. Dublin: Central Statistics Office.

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These statistics are categorised as Under Reservation. This categorisation indicates that the quality of these statistics do not meet the standards required of official statistics published by the CSO.

Data compiled for the year ending June 2018 indicate that the number of recorded incidents of Robbery, Extortion and Hijacking is up 15.1% compared to the previous year. The number of recorded incidents of Offences against Government, justice procedures and organisation of crime is up 13.1%. This increase is driven by Offences while in custody, breach of court orders which is up 13.8%. There was also an increase 10.7% in Weapons and Explosives Offences. Recorded Sexual Offences rose by 10.2% from 2,675 to 2,947.

The number of Kidnapping and Related Offences was down from 127 to 104 incidents for the year ending June 2018. This represents a drop of 18.1%. There was a 3% drop in the number of incidents of Damage to Property and the Environment. The number of incidents in this category for the year ending June 2018 was 22,184 compared to 22,875 in the previous period.

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1 October 2018
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