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National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. (2020) Mental health problems in people with learning disabilities overview.

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People of all ages with all levels of learning disabilities can be affected by mental health problems. The mental health problems can, however, be difficult to identify when the person is not able to describe or express their distress, and when they have coexisting physical health problems. Mental health problems are often unrecognised, causing unnecessary suffering.


Some cause of learning disabilities are associated with particularly high levels of specific mental health problems (for example, affective psychosis in Prader–Willi syndrome and dementia in Down's syndrome). This interactive flowchart covers the identification, assessment and treatment of mental health problems in children, young people and adults with mild, moderate, severe or profound learning disabilities. In addition, there are recommendations on support for family members, carers and care workers. The recommendations covers all settings (including health, social care, educational, forensic and criminal justice settings).

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