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Garda Inspectorate. (2015) Report of the Garda Inspectorate. Changing policing in Ireland. Dublin: Garda Inspectorate.

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The core aim of this review is to modernise and restructure the Garda Síochána to ensure that the greatest proportion of personnel is deployed on front-line policing services. If the recommendations in this report are implemented, the Garda Síochána will achieve best practice and be in a position to set international standards for policing.

As part of this review, the Inspectorate consulted with local communities, other garda stakeholders and a significant number of garda members, staff and reserves. The public consistently highlighted that they have noticed a reduction in police visibility and they want to see more uniform gardaí in their communities. The Inspectorate believes that the highest possible proportion of members should be working on the front line.

To deliver a more visible, responsive and customer-focussed service, the Inspectorate recommends a change in organisational structure that is leaner at the executive level, stronger at the foundation and empowered at the front line. It also recommends a new staffing framework to ensure the best combination of skills and workforce required by a modern police service. The following fundamental actions

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