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Irish Prison Service, Probation Service. (2018) Irish Prison Service & Probation Service joint strategic plan 2018 - 2020. Ireland: Irish Prison Service & Probation Service.

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Strategic Objective: to have a multi-agency approach to offender management and rehabilitation from pre to post imprisonment in order to reduce re-offending and improve prisoner outcomes.

The Strategy is underpinned by a recognition that the costs of re-offending by ex-prisoners can be devastating and long term, and are frequently felt by the most vulnerable in our society. Most obviously, there is the impact on victims and on their families; also on communities, predominantly the most disadvantaged. Where re-offenders are imprisoned their families suffer. The children of prisoners are more likely to offend and experience imprisonment than other children. Re-imprisonment is extremely costly for society and for the criminal justice system.

There is, however, considerable evidence of the factors that influence re-offending. These include:
• education;
• employment;
• drug and alcohol misuse;
• mental and physical health;
• attitudes and self-control;
• institutionalisation and life-skills;
• housing;
• financial issues and
• family networks and support.

For example, being in employment reduces the risk of re-offending, as does having stable accommodation. The challenge for our Services in assisting a convicted offender away from crime is often considerable. Many prisoners have poor skills and little experience of employment, few positive social networks, severe accommodation issues, and often all of this complicated by drug, alcohol and mental health problems.

P.15 Strategic action 9: Improve the provision of Drug & Alcohol Services in Prison and the Community.

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