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Murphy, Raegan and O'Connor, Siobhan (2015) Methods of suicide by women in Ireland 1980-2009. Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies, 15, (1),

External website: https://arrow.dit.ie/ijass/vol15/iss1/5/

Irish female methods of suicide from 1980 till 2009 were investigated in order to determine the likelihood of the method of suicide as determined by decade as well as the age at death. Secondary data analysis was conducted on the National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF) dataset. Multinomial logistic regression was used to compare methods of suicide using odds ratios. Log-linear analysis was conducted in order to investigate possible interactions between the variables. A stepwise backward elimination procedure determined the most parsimonious model to account for the observed frequencies. Follow-up chi-square analyses were conducted on the three-way interaction in order to separately assess possible interactions of decade and age on method of suicide.

Findings showed that the odds of hanging increased over time in comparison to overdosing and drowning. Interaction effects are present between all three variables and there is a significant association between age and decade for hanging but not so for overdosing or drowning. It is concluded that hanging is a method which is indeed increasing over time for women in Ireland.

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