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[Oireachtas] Questions on promised legislation [Medicinal cannabis]. (16 May 2018)


Deputy Gino Kenny …… People in this State have been forced to emigrate, go public, go to the black market and to break the law. Medicinal cannabis, which I have in my hand, is what it is all about. The Government has issued seven licences for the product. For some it is medicine while for others it is illegal.


The law is completely broken on this issue. It is up to the Government to legislate on the issue. If the Government does not legislate it will let down thousands of people that are using this medicine.


Deputy Richard Bruton: It is my understanding that the Minister has made arrangements whereby if a medical consultant indicates that such medication would be appropriate that it will be made available. He has simplified the regime in that regard. He has not made a commitment to introduce new legislation that I know of.


Deputy Gino Kenny: What about our Bill?


Deputy Richard Bruton: It is my understanding that in any case where there is a medical indication and it is endorsed by the patient's consulting doctor the treatment is made available.


Deputy Gino Kenny: I wrote to the Minister and he has not come back to me.


Deputy Richard Bruton: I will get the Minister to confirm exactly the basis on which a person can get access but that is my understanding of the position.

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