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Flint, Alastair J and Merali, Zul and Vaccarino, Franco J [CCSA] . (2018) Improving quality of life: substance use and aging. Ottawa, Ont.: Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction. 73 p.

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This seventh Substance Use in Canada report explores alcohol and drug use in older adulthood (age 65 and older). Specifically, it:
• Considers the impact of the aging population and increasing problematic substance use among older adults on health outcomes and the Canadian healthcare system;
• Identifies gaps in knowledge about the harms associated with substance use and their impacts on healthy aging; and
• Summarizes the best available evidence on effective ways to prevent, detect, assess and treat problematic substance use in the older adult population.

Item Type:Evidence resource
Publication Type:Report
Drug Type:Alcohol or other drugs in general
Intervention Type:AOD disorder, Rehabilitation/Recovery
Date:April 2018
Pages:73 p.
Publisher:Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction
Place of Publication:Ottawa, Ont.
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Subjects:J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Health care delivery
T Demographic characteristics > Elderly / Older person
VA Geographic area > Canada

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