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Uchtenhagen, A and Schaub, Michael P (2011) Minimum quality standards in drug demand reduction EQUS. Zurich: Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction.

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Project objective
The main objective of the EQUS project is to collect existing national and international information on quality standards and benchmarks in drug demand reduction, to set up an inventory of these standards and benchmarks, and to extract from the inventory lists of minimum quality standards to be submitted to a range of relevant stakeholders for approval. The result is intended to facilitate a quality awareness and improvement process throughout the EU Member States.

The various elements of the project are summarised as follows:
a. To describe the background and the tasks of the project
b. To describe the methods used for developing the inventories
c. To describe the consensus building process fort the final results of the project
d. To outline problems and perspectives fort the implementation of the proposed minimum quality standards at European level
e. A summary of project results

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International, Guideline, Report
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Substances (not alcohol/tobacco), Cannabis, CNS depressants / Sedatives, CNS stimulants, Cocaine, Inhalents and solvents, Opioid, New psychoactive substance
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Prevention, Harm reduction, Screening / Assessment
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Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction
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Contract nr. JLS/2010/DPIP/PR/1023 – 30-CE-0336534/00-50

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