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The King's Fund, Centre for Creative Leadership. (2018) Culture and leadership programme: phase 2 'design'. London: NHS.

PDF (Culture and leadership programme: phase 2 'design')

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This is the second in a series of three resources designed to help NHS providers develop cultures that enable and sustain continuously improving safe, high quality and compassionate care.


These annexes are additional resources linked to the phase 2 interactive tool.

  • Annex A PDF, 222.6 KB - Example of outputs from Phase 1 mapped against the five cultural elements.
  • Annex B PDF, 278.3 KB - Mapping current and future interventions against cultural elements.
  • Annex C PDF, 252.0 KB - An example of a trust including their Change team in the mapping process.
  • Annex D PDF, 587.0 KB - An example of how two trusts working on a merger considered their culture as part of the process.
  • Annex E PDF, 285.8 KB - Single Hospital Service (SHS) organisation development plans.
  • Annex F PDF, 308.9 KB - Moving into Phase 3 - deliver.

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