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[Oireachtas] Dail Eireann debate. Written answer 658 - Cannabis for medicinal use [12839/18]. (20 Mar 2018)

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658. Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett asked the Minister for Health his plans to reimburse medication under the long-term illness scheme for medical CBD and THC for persons granted licences for the medication to treat epilepsy; and the scheme under which this medication will be covered in view of the fact that other anti-epilepsy medication is covered under the long-term illness scheme [12839/18]


Minister for Health (Deputy Simon Harris): My Department and HSE officials are currently considering funding and access proposals for cannabis-based products for medicinal use including work to establish a reliable and affordable quality controlled cannabis product supply for the Irish market.


In relation to the reimbursement of cannabis-based products in the community drug schemes, I understand that the HSE is currently considering a reimbursement application, in line with the statutory requirements for the schemes.

Item Type:Dail Debates
Date:20 March 2018
Subjects:B Substances > Cannabis product (synthetic cannabinoids)
E Concepts in biomedical areas > Substance by legal status > Prescription drug (medicine / medication)
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