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[Drug and Alcohol Findings] (2018) Can drinking be reduced in a single session? London: Drug and Alcohol Findings. Drug and Alcohol Findings Bulletin (18 January 2018) 4 p.

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Key points from summary and commentary
The featured study investigated the effectiveness of single-session brief alcohol interventions among college students.

Brief interventions were found to be consistently more effective than alternative or no interventions; the largest effects were associated with personalised, interactive, and motivational approaches.

The statistically significant benefits were modest in clinical terms. However, the authors suggest this could nonetheless “interrupt the trajectory from heavy drinking to alcohol use disorder”.

Item Type:Evidence resource
Drug Type:Alcohol
Intervention Type:AOD disorder, AOD disorder treatment method, AOD disorder harm reduction, Psychosocial treatment method
Source:Drug and Alcohol Findings
Date:January 2018
Pages:4 p.
Publisher:Drug and Alcohol Findings
Place of Publication:London
Number:18 January 2018
Subjects:A Substance use, abuse, and dependence > Prevalence > Substance use behaviour > Alcohol consumption
B Substances > Alcohol
HA Screening, identification, and diagnostic method > Medical screening and diagnostic method
HJ Treatment method > Psychosocial treatment method > Individual therapy > Brief intervention
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Identification and screening > Identification and screening for substance use
N Communication, information and education > Educational environment (school / college) > Student behaviour and participation
T Demographic characteristics > Undergraduate or graduate student

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