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Curran, Siobhan and Fay, Ronnie and McGaughey, Fiona, eds. Kennedy, Patricia (2018) Roma in Ireland: a national needs assessment. Dublin: Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre.

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The aim of the National Roma Needs Assessment (the Assessment) is to establish how best to improve state agencies’ interaction with the Roma community in Ireland. It was commissioned by the Department of Justice and Equality in line with recommendation 4.2.3 of the Logan Report.4 The terms of reference for the Assessment outlined that it would be undertaken by Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre (Pavee Point), in partnership with the Department of Justice and Equality with a view to:
i. providing a better understanding of the level and type of experience in accessing public services faced by the Roma community in Ireland; and
ii. Identifying areas requiring further consideration.

The major barriers that respondents identified in accessing services are not being eligible for supports such as medical cards, training and employment schemes, homeless supports or social protection payments. This was either due to not having the right to reside or not meeting the habitual residence condition. Barriers outlined by respondents were lack of documentation to prove residency, language barriers, not knowing about services or how to access them, and experiences of discrimination.

In response to this, this report outlines recommendations to address the issues faced by Roma in Ireland. In recognition of the human rights underpinnings of this research the most vulnerable Roma in Ireland should be prioritised. It recommends as a priority to respond to Roma living in extreme poverty and to ensure that adults and children are not living without food and basic accommodation facilities. It also sees as a priority to address child welfare concerns in a preventative manner through family support.

The research finds a high prevalence of experiences in relation to discrimination, identified by most respondents. In line with commitments in the National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy7 and the Migrant Integration Strategy8, effective measures need to be taken to tackle anti-Roma discrimination and racism, with a priority focus on Roma women, and to combat anti-Roma rhetoric and hate speech where this is manifested in Ireland.

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January 2018
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