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[Oireachtas] Dail Eireann debate. Questions on promised legislation [Crime]. (27 Nov 2017)

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Deputy Seán Crowe:  The drug and alcohol strategy is operating against the background of drug feuds and murders, open drug dealing in many areas, intimidation, increasing drug-related deaths, children being used as runners and increasing numbers of suicides and there is significant pressure on the health and mental health services. Drugs task forces are on the front line co-ordinating a response to this growing problem. Now, in the middle of December, there is no agreement on the budgets for these task forces. This is impacting on staff who should be put on protective notice, community projects and making it impossible to plan for next year. Does the Minister for Health have any comments or can he update us on the budgets for these task forces?


The Tánaiste:  Before the Minister for Health replies I would like to use the opportunity, as Deputy Niall Collins did earlier, to recognise the role of An Garda Síochána in responding to organised crime and the drugs trade, and the serving member of the force who was shot this morning. I am glad to say his injury is not serious but it is a reminder to us of the extraordinary work the force is doing. An Garda Síochána has come in for some criticism in this House in recent years but this morning's incident is a reminder of the vital work it does.


On the budgetary issues I will ask the Minister of State with responsibility for the drugs strategy, Deputy Catherine Byrne, to respond directly to the Deputy unless the Minister, Deputy Harris, wants to add anything.

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27 November 2017

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