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Health Research Board. (2017) National Drug-Related Deaths Index 2004 to 2015 data. Dublin: Health Research Board.

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This update presents figures from the National Drug-Related Deaths Index (NDRDI) on deaths due to poisoning (overdose) by alcohol and/or other drugs, and deaths among drug users (non-poisoning), in the period 2004–2015.

In the twelve-year period 2004–2015 there were a total of 7,422 drug-related deaths:
• 4,222 (57%) were due to poisoning
• 3,200 (43%) were non-poisoning.

In 2015, there were 695 deaths (poisoning and non-poisoning combined), marginally lower than the number reported in 2014 (n=719):
• Median age for all deaths in 2015 was 41 years and 72% (n=503) of all deaths were male
• There were approximately 20,000 of potential life years lost because of drug-related deaths in 2015.

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