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Drug and Alcohol Findings. (2017) Substance use treatment as part of a ‘wrap-around’ package of care. Drug and Alcohol Findings Hot Topic, (October-December 2017),

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In the ‘austere’ UK financial climate, it seems unclear whether treatment services will be forced to bunker down and focus on substance use objectives, or instead be supported to expand into holistic providers of, or gateways to, the range of psychosocial services demanded by government reintegration and recovery agendas. Given the typically multiple, severe, and overlapping problems presented by treatment caseloads, it seems obvious that a holistic approach would help get patients back on a stable (recovery) footing, and similarly obvious that just focusing on substance use objectives would be setting some patients up to fail. Could ‘wrap-around’ care be the answer, and should treatment services have the flexibility to determine the extent to which this would be implemented in practice, or would this risk a lottery of comprehensive care?

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3 October 2017
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Drug and Alcohol Findings
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October-December 2017

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