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United Kingdom. Department of Health. (2017) Strengths-based social work practice with adults. London: Department of Health.

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Report based on a workshop commissioned by the Department of Health and held at the Social Care Institute for Excellence in January 2017. This report is for social workers, senior leaders of adult social care, and people who use the services. It looks at what ‘strengths-based social work’ with adults, individuals, families and communities means for practitioners and people using the services.

‘Strengths-based practice is a collaborative process between the person supported by services and those supporting them, allowing them to work together to determine an outcome that draws on the person’s strengths and assets. As such, it concerns itself principally with the quality of the relationship that develops between those providing support and those being supported, as well as the elements that the person seeking support brings to the process. Working in a collaborative way promotes the opportunity for individuals to be co-producers of services and support rather than solely consumers of those services.

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July 2017
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