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Babor, Thomas and Stenius, Kerstin and Pates, Richard and Miovsky, Michal and O'Reilly, Jean and Candon, Paul . (2017) Publishing addiction science: a guide for the perplexed. London: Ubiquity Press. 407 p.

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Section 1: Introduction 1

Chapter 1: A guide for the perplexed p.3

Chapter 2: Infrastructure and career opportunities in addiction science: the emergence of an interdisciplinary field p.9


Section 2: How and where to publish 35

Chapter 3: How to choose a journal: scientific and practical considerations p.37

Chapter 4: Beyond the Anglo-American world: advice for researchers from developing and non–English-speaking countries p.71

Chapter 5: Getting started: publication issues for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and other aspiring addiction scientists p.89

Chapter 6: Addiction science for professionals working in clinical settings p.119


Section 3: The practical side of addiction publishing 133

Chapter 7: How to write a scientific article for a peer-reviewed journal p.135

Chapter 8: How to write publishable qualitative research p.155

Chapter 9: How to write a systematic review article and meta-analysis p.173

Chapter 10: Use and abuse of citations p.191

Chapter 11: Coin of the realm: practical procedures for determining authorship p.207

Chapter 12: Preparing manuscripts and responding to reviewers’ reports: inside the editorial black box p.229

Chapter 13: Reviewing manuscripts for scientific journals p.245


Section 4: Ethics matter 265

Chapter 14: Dante’s Inferno: seven deadly sins in scientific publishing and how to avoid them p.267

Chapter 15: The Road to Paradise: moral reasoning in addiction publishing p.299

Chapter 16: Relationships with the alcoholic-beverage industry, pharmaceutical companies, and other funding agencies: holy grail or poisoned chalice? p.323


Section 5: Conclusion 353
Chapter 17: Addiction publishing and the meaning of [scientific] life p.355

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Drug Type:Alcohol or other drugs in general
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Date:June 2017
Pages:407 p.
Publisher:Ubiquity Press
Place of Publication:London
Edition:3rd edition
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