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Resource Office for Suicide Prevention. (2017) Connecting for life: Kerry. Suicide prevention action plan 2017 - 2020. Kerry: Health Service Executive.

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The impact of suicide is devastating and far-reaching. It reverberates outwards through families, friends and communities. An issue that affects all of us so deeply can only be addressed by involving as many people as possible in local communities, voluntary organisations, state bodies and health services along with people across the whole county. Connecting for Life Kerry is a response to Connecting for Life Ireland’s National Strategy 2015-2020 to reduce suicide. It takes the national goals and objectives and clearly sets out a series of aligned actions for Kerry.


Section 1 – Context for suicide prevention in Ireland and Kerry p.9

1.1 National context

1.2 Local context – Kerry

1.3 HSE Mental health and suicide prevention supports and services in kerry

1.4 Community and voluntary sector suicide prevention supports and services in Kerry


Section 2 – How the action plan was developed p.31

2.1 Approach

2.2 Consultation process


Section 3 – Priority groups, risk and protective factors p.36

3.1 National priority groups

3.2 Local priority groups

3.3 National risk factors

3.4 Local risk factors

3.5 National protective factors

3.6 Local protective factors


Section 4 Connecting for life Kerry actions p.42

4.1 Connecting for life Kerry strategic goals, objectives and actions

Goal 1: Better understanding of suicidal behaviour

Goal 2: Supporting communities to prevent and respond to suicidal behaviour

Goal 3: Targeted approaches for those vulnerable to suicide

Goal 4: Improved access, consistency and integration of services.

Goal 5: Safe and high quality services

Goal 6: Reduce access to means

Goal 7: Better data and research


Section 5 – Implementation structures and roles p.61

5.1 Implementation structure and roles

5.2 Monitoring and evaluation

5.3 Communicating Connecting for life Kerry

5.4 Resourcing Connecting for life Kerry

Date:May 2017
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