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Office for National Statistics. (2017) Adult drinking habits in Great Britain: 2005 to 2016. London: Office for National Statistics.

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Main points
• In Great Britain, 56.9% of Opinions and Lifestyle Survey respondents aged 16 years and over in 2016 drank alcohol, which equates to 29 million people in the population.
• 7.8 million people “binged” on alcohol on their heaviest drinking day.
• Young people aged 16 to 24 years in Great Britain are less likely to drink than any other age group; when they do drink, consumption on their heaviest drinking day tends to be higher than other ages.
• The highest earners, those earning £40,000 and above annually, are more likely to be frequent drinkers and “binge” on their heaviest drinking day when compared with the lowest earners.
• In 2016, similar patterns of drinking were observed in England, Scotland and Wales; of the English regions, binge drinking was more common in the north.
• Among men who “binged”, normal strength beer was the most popular choice of alcohol, for females wine was the most popular choice.

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