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[Drug and Alcohol Findings] (2016) Brief emergency unit alcohol advice nearly halves readmissions. London: Drug and Alcohol Findings. Drug and Alcohol Findings Bulletin (08 November 2016) 4 p.

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Brief interventions conducted by alcohol treatment specialists reduced alcohol-affected readmission rate by nearly half among patients admitted to a French emergency department when drunk or in need of withdrawal.

Key points From summary and commentary
• A French emergency department organised brief interventions by alcohol treatment specialists for patients admitted when drunk or in need of withdrawal.
• Compared to standard care, over the following year proportionately 45% fewer patients offered brief interventions returned to the department with the same alcohol-related conditions.
• The study adds to others which show that emergency/trauma units can reduce their future workloads by offering brief interventions to patients with medical or other reasons to moderate their drinking.

Item Type:Evidence resource
Publication Type:Review
Drug Type:Alcohol
Intervention Type:AOD disorder harm reduction
Source:Drug and Alcohol Findings
Date:November 2016
Pages:4 p.
Publisher:Drug and Alcohol Findings
Place of Publication:London
Number:08 November 2016
Subjects:A Substance use, abuse, and dependence > Prevalence > Substance use behaviour > Alcohol consumption
B Substances > Alcohol
G Health and disease > Disorder by cause > Emotional trauma
HJ Treatment method > Psychosocial treatment method > Individual therapy > Brief intervention
HJ Treatment method > Treatment outcome
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Care by type of problem > Emergency care

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