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Health Service Executive. (2016) National service plan 2017. Dublin: Health Service Executive.

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The health service is on a journey of improvement and change and many of its priorities are set out throughout this Plan. Building a Better Health Service sets out strategic approaches being developed to better meet the needs of people who use our services. In 2017 we will continue to implement the strategic priority areas set out below.


  • Social Inclusion – €3m to invest in services relating to addiction.
  • Implement programmes to reduce the burden of chronic disease by promoting an increase in active living, positive ageing and positive mental health, healthy eating and reductions in smoking levels and alcohol consumption
  • Prepare for the enforcement of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill
  • Continue to develop the clinical programme for dual diagnosis (mental illness and substance misuse including alcohol).
  • Enforce HSE environmental health tobacco control statutory responsibilities focusing on areas of greatest non-compliance and new tobacco control legislation


Addiction services p. 21

  • Improve access to addiction treatment services for adults and children, with a particular focus on services for the under 18s
  • Implement the recommendations of the National Drugs Rehabilitation Framework
  • Establish a pilot supervised injecting facility in Dublin
  • Expand access to naloxone to approximately 600 new clients
  • Increase access to buprenorphine naloxone and buprenorphine products
  • Provide 25 more addiction residential treatment beds and 142 additional treatment episodes.


Homeless services p. 21

  • Improve health outcomes for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, particularly those with addiction and mental health needs, by providing key worker, case management, general practitioner(GP) and nursing services
  • Implement the health actions set out in Rebuilding Ireland, Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness, on a phased basis, in order to provide the most appropriate primary care and mental health services to those in homeless services and improve their ability to sustain a normal tenancy.

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