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National Office for Suicide Prevention. (2016) National Office for Suicide Prevention annual report 2015. Dublin: Health Service Executive.

PDF (National Office for Suicide Prevention 2015)

Suicide rates in Ireland saw significant changes over the past decade, with an increase in suicide rates between 2007 and 2011. However, data from 2012 onwards suggest a levelling-o� on the rate of suicide with the most recent confirmed CSO figures indicating there were 487 deaths by uicide in 2013.

While Ireland’s overall suicide rate is among the lowest in the OECD, particular demographic groups have consistently been shown by both national and international research evidence to have an increased risk of suicidal behaviour. These include young people aged 15-24, people with mental health problems of all ages, people with alcohol and drug problems, people bereaved by suicide and prisoners.

Objectives include:
• Improve the implementation of effective approaches to reducing suicidal behaviour among priority groups.
• Support, in relation to suicide prevention, the Substance Misuse Strategy, to address the high rate of alcohol and drug misuse.
• Enhance the supports for young people with mental health problems or vulnerable to suicide.
• Reduce access to frequently used drugs in intentional drug overdose.
• Reduce access to highly lethal methods used in suicidal behaviour.

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