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Pavlovska, Amalie and Miovsky, Michal and Babor, Thomas and Gabrhelik, Roman (2017) Overview of the European university-based study programmes in the addictions field. Drugs: Education Prevention and Policy, 24, (6), pp. 485-491.

Aims: We mapped and described university study programmes in the addictions field (USPA) in Europe, according to degrees, professional backgrounds, titles, methods of delivery, duration, entrance requirements, fees, clinical practice requirements and courses offered.

Methods: The study consisted of two parts: 1) a general mapping of USPA – utilising online databases of scientific literature, and subsequently the Google search engine and 2) a content analysis of the identified study programmes’ websites according to a set of a priori research questions.

Findings: A total of 34 USPA were located at 25 universities in eight different European countries. 43.6% (n = 18) were master’s, 15.4% (n = 6) bachelor’s and 12.8% (n = 4) Ph.D. study programmes. Only the Czech Republic offers education across all three levels. The background of many USPA is built on medical (n = 5), social (n = 5) and psychological (n = 4) foundations. Ten programmes are offered both full-time and part-time, and 62% charge tuition. Half of the programmes have clinical practice as a part of the degree requirement.

Conclusions: In recent years, the number of specialised education programmes that aim to prepare a new professional workforce has been growing. The findings provide a basis for discussion and cooperation among programmes and universities.

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