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[Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol should play no part in Junior Certificate celebrations. (12 Sep 2016)

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“It’s natural that students who are getting their Junior Cert results this week want to celebrate the achievement with their friends. This is an important milestone for them and they should enjoy the celebrations after three years working towards the exams,” said Conor Cullen, Head of Communications and Advocacy with Alcohol Action Ireland.


“Alcohol should play no part in these celebrations, even though some children may feel that they have to drink to celebrate and others may come under pressure to do so, despite not wanting to. It is important, for parents, in particular, to remind teenagers that alcohol does not have to be part of their lives at a young age and to support them in making healthy decisions. Young people themselves should also respect the decision of their friends and peers who choose not to drink alcohol,” said Mr Cullen.


Alcohol Action Ireland said that recent research on young people and alcohol in Ireland suggests there is a clear age of drinking ‘initiation’ in Ireland and while alcohol consumption is not a feature in the lives of most children aged 14 or under, the picture changes dramatically when they reach 15………...

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