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HSE Tobacco Control Programme. (2016) How to implement “HSE Tobacco Free Campus Policy”. Dublin: Health Service Executive.

PDF (Implement HSE Tobacco Free Campus Policy)

In recent years, Irish hospitals and Primary Care services have become champions in the introduction of Tobacco Free Campus policy. In doing this, they developed many innovative tools and resources which have helped to plan for, communicate and monitor policy implementation. Since 2012, the roll-out of the HSE Tobacco Free Campus (TFC) policy has been coordinated and implemented through the National Tobacco Control Programme Group via HSE National Service Plans. Initially the policy was adopted by all Acute Hospitals, then Primary Care services and now currently by our most complex services/sites affecting the most vulnerable service users. In May 2015, a National TFC Toolkit Sub-Group was set up to develop a resource to support these services and ensure equity for all service users by ensuring that tobacco addiction is treated as a healthcare issue across all services.

Over the past eight months, this group have consulted with quality experts, reviewed international evidence and given consideration to the many tools and systems developed and used both internationally and here in Ireland to overcome challenges experienced in the implementation of the TFC policy.

The resource is comprehensive and easy to use. It works on the principle that the policy requires a ‘whole organisation’ approach, the buy-in of all service users and the need for all healthcare staff to embrace their potential as positive role models. It aims to support the delivery of high quality care to all with a clear focus on managing risk and ensuring safety. We would suggest that all TFC policy leads and members of TFC local groups familiarise themselves with the resource and supporting tools in an effort to minimise work and build the foundations for successful policy implementation.

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