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The Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Service Director. (2015) Clinical supervision framework for nurses working in mental health services. Dublin: Health Service Executive.

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Clinical supervision has emerged both internationally and in Ireland as a means of using reflective practice and shared experiences to support continuous professional development. The HSE published national supervision guidance (HSE HR Circular 002/2015) to support and strengthen the quality of care and staff engagement with the goal of improving and maintaining safe, quality, effective and efficient care for services users3.

This Clinical supervision framework for nurses working within the Mental Health services compliments these HSE National supervision guidelines and specifically directs the development and delivery of a clinical supervision system for the nursing profession working in Mental Health services. Clinical supervision is a process of professional support and learning in which nurses are assisted in developing their practice through regular discussion time with experienced and knowledgeable colleagues4. Butterworth and Faugier5 describe clinical supervision as a major force in improving clinical standards and enhancing the quality of care.

Supervision promotes personal and professional development in a supportive relationship that occurs between equals . It is increasingly being recommended as a means of supporting professional practice and is fundamental to safeguarding standards, developing professional expertise, and improving the delivery of quality care. Clinical supervision fits well in the clinical governance framework, whilst helping to ensure better outcomes for service users and improving nursing practice. There is potential for clinical supervision to contribute to the development of a more articulate and skilled workforce which in turn can contribute positively to organisational objectives.

Date:April 2015
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