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Carter, Meredith and Moreton, Jane (2016) Capacity building & change management. A guide for community services. Victoria: Victorian Anti & Drug Association.

PDF (Capacity building & change management)

There have been significant challenges in recent years in the not-for-profit sector. In particular, change is a constant along with increasing recognition of the ongoing need to examine and develop the capacity of our people and organisations.

In this new manual VAADA has sought to provide the field with a resource which can be used widely across the not-for-profit sector and particularly in agencies delivering primary health and community care services. Not least of the current challenges faced by many agencies are funding constraints and increasing service demands. Consumers often present with a range of complex and co-existing issues. More and more both consumers and funders look to agencies to provide a holistic response to these issues.

In addition increasingly they look to agencies to involve consumers, their families and carers in determining how their problems would best be managed. Strong partnerships between agencies to enhance capacity, enable best practice and deliver holistic responses to consumer needs are critical.

This manual aims to equip agencies to meet these challenges. It offers useful strategies which are practical to implement. It also provides step by step guidance and templates to assist agencies to translate them into practice.

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