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Parole Board. (2015) The Parole Board annual report 2014. Dublin: Parole Board.

PDF (Parole Board 2014)

A(i) Cases Referred in 2014
A(ii) Cases Referred – Yearly Comparison
B(i) Caseload 2014
B(ii) Caseload – Yearly Comparison
C(i) Prisoner Interviews 2014
C(ii) Prisoner Interviews – Yearly Comparison
D(i) Offence Analysis 2014
D(ii) Offence Analysis – Yearly Comparison [1 prisoner for drug offences in 2014 ]
E(i) Sentence Length Analysis 2014
E(ii) Sentence Length Analysis – Yearly Comparison
F(i) Parole Board Recommendations 2014
F(ii) Parole Board Recommendations Yearly Comparison

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