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Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development. (2015) Health at a glance 2015. Paris: OECD Publishing.

PDF (Health at a Glance 2015) - Published Version

Chapter 1. Dashboards of health indicators (Health status / Risk factors to health / Access to care / Quality of care / Health care resources) p.17

Chapter 2. Pharmaceutical spending trends and future challenges p.29

Chapter 3. Health status p. 45

Chapter 4. Non-medical determinants of health p. 67

  • Tobacco consumption among adults p. 68
  • Alcohol consumption among adults p. 70

Chapter 5. Health workforce p.79

Chapter 6. Health care activities .p.99

Chapter 7. Access to care p. 119

Chapter 8. Quality of care.p.131

Chapter 9. Health expenditure and financing p.163

Chapter 10. Pharmaceutical sector p. 177

Chapter 11. Ageing and long-term care p.191

Date:November 2015
Pages:220 p.
Publisher:OECD Publishing
Corporate Creators:Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
Place of Publication:Paris
Accession Number:HRB (Electronic Only)
Subjects:A Substance use, abuse, and dependence > Prevalence > Problem substance use
A Substance use, abuse, and dependence > Prevalence > Substance use behaviour > Alcohol consumption
B Substances > Alcohol
B Substances > Tobacco (cigarette smoking)
G Health and disease > State of health
G Health and disease > Public health
VA Geographic area > International aspects

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