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Health Service Executive. (2015) Health service performance report August 2015. Dublin: Health Service Executive.

PDF (HSE performance report August 2015)
PDF (HSE performance August 2015 - commentary and data report) - Supplemental Material

HSE performance August 2015 - commentary and data report


PDF p.35 Social Inclusion

The number of clients in receipt of opioid substitution treatment (outside of prison) (Expected Activity 9,400 Monthly)

  • 9,453 August 2015 / YTD, 9,321 August 2014 / YTD (1.4% increase/132)
  • Variance from expected activity 0.8% (53)No. of clients in receipt of Opioid substitution treatment (prisons) (Expected Activity 490)
  • 571 August 2015 / YTD, 524 August 2014 / YTD (5.9% increase/47)
  • Variance from expected activity 16.5% (81)

  • 9,453 patients received Opioid Substitute Treatment (excluding prisons) for the August reporting period which includes 4,047 patients being treated by 348 GPs in the community.
  • Opioid Substitute Treatment was dispensed by 638 pharmacies catering for 6,550 patients for the reporting period.
  • At the end of the August reporting period there were 75 HSE clinics providing Opioid Substitute Treatment and an additional 11 prison clinics were provided in the prison service.
  • 67 new patients commenced Opioid Substitute Treatment during the August reporting period (10 in General Practice, 38 in HSE clinics and 19 in the prison clinics). 

PDF p.39 Cost of methadone treatment – year to date € 13,713

PDF p.146 Table: Social inclusion - opioid substitution - Performance Activity / KPI



PDF p.27 Tobacco

The number of smokers who received cessation support from a counsellor (Target YTD 6,315)

  • August 2015, 900 smokers received intensive cessation support
  • August YTD 2015 7,877 smokers received support, 24.2% ahead of the same period last year (6,343)
  • July 2015 reported 1,349, change of 449 people from last reporting period
  • Variance from target YTD 24.7%

Tobacco Control intensive cessation support data includes support provided within hospital groups, community services and the QUIT team. Since 1st January the QUIT team now provide an integrated support service over the phone, online, through social media, SMS, and email. The online service includes the interactive website, talking to the QUIT team via Live Chat, and using our online QUITplan and it is likely most smokers will choose the convenience of this online support service in the first instance. This compliments the face-to face HSE QUIT services provided in hospitals and community services around the country, providing one-to-one and group support for smokers. It is likely most smokers will choose the convenience of the online QUIT serviceThe highest number receiving support this month is from hospitals and community services located in CHO 9 with 151 smokers receiving support, followed by CHO 7 and Hospital Group in the area with 121 smokers receiving support. This month the National Quit Service supported 224 people. There is currently no smoking cessation service in CHO 2. Where there is no local Cessation service the issue is addressed by ensuring QUIT responds to that area.



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