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[drugs.ie] Narcotics Anonymous extends an invitation to professional workers. (23 Oct 2015)

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The Irish Region of Narcotics Anonymous which is convening its national convention in early November has extended a special invitation to people engaged in the field of addiction and associated disciplines. On the occasion of this, the organisation's thirtieth such gathering, it will present a forum at which professional workers and associated volunteers are invited to avail of an opportunity to ascertain how this mode of recovery works in practice.

NA offers an approach to addiction which supports total abstinence and emphasises the effectiveness of recovering addicts meeting together and supporting one another. It also doesn't differentiate between addictive substances and their use. Membership is free and the organisation is self-supporting, declining financial contributions from outside organisations. A welcome is extended to anyone who seeks to recover from his or her addiction, and there are currently 220 NA meetings in Ireland which convene on a weekly basis.

The event itself will take place from 3.30pm-5pm on Friday 6th of November at the Brandon Hotel Tralee, Co.Kerry. It will take the form of a presentation by NA members and will also include a dialogue and Q&A on ways that NA and professionals in the appropriate fields of work can co-operate in helping addicts to find a path to wellness.

Contact: info@na-ireland.org

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