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Holder, Harold D and Chikritzhs, Tanya and Naimi, Timothy and Andresasson, Sven and Stockwell, Tim and Dangardt, Frida (2014) Alcohol and society 2014. Theme: the effects of low-dose alcohol consumption. Stockholm: IOGT-NTO and Svenska Läkaresällskapet.

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The concept behind the report is, in many respects, unique. We brought together an international group of leading alcohol researchers and gave them a task. We asked them, on the basis of the theme that we had identified as being both important and topical, namely low-dose alcohol consumption, to review the latest global research in the field, to describe the scientific status, and then to draw conclusions on measures tailored for Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region.

Foreword: By Anna Carlstedt and Kerstin Nilsson p.5


Main article: Evidence about health effects of “moderate” alcohol consumption p.6



Beer is good for the heart! Wine can cause cancer! – Media attitudes towards alcohol research p.24

The ultimate curiosity job p.28


Latest research:

Socioeconomic differences and deaths attributable to alcohol p.31

Alcohol and alcohol related harm in China p.32

Does the alcohol policy environment have any effect on those who drink excessively? p.34

Are alcohol policies effective in low- and middle-income countries? p.35

Under the influence – an investigation into the debate on minimum pricing for alcohol in England p.37

Does reduction in drinking reduce risk of death for individuals with alcohol use disorders? p.40

Does alcohol production and consumption increase economic growth? p.43


The report’s authors: Presentation of the research group authors p.44

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