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Drug paraphernalia can be obtained from needle exchange programmes around the country. Personal sharps bins are often given out with the needle exchange equipment to allow people to dispose of their drug paraphernalia safely. However, drug paraphernalia may be found in public places due to public injecting, the lack of a personal sharps bin and other reasons.

Drug paraphernalia, when it is not disposed of properly, is known as drug litter. Drug litter poses risks to the public and it should not be handled or disposed of without the proper equipment and adequate training. Drug litter can lead to needle stick injuries (where the skin is pierced or punctured with a needle) which can in turn lead to the individuals contacting a blood borne virus such as Hepatitis C or HIV.

What is drug paraphernalia:
Drug paraphernalia is a term used to denote any equipment, product, or material that is modified for making, using, or concealing drugs, typically for recreational purposes. Here is a list of drug paraphernalia which is available in Ireland:
• Syringe
• Separate needle
• Separate barrel
• Citric
• Vitamin C
• Pre-injection swabs
• Cookers
• Tourniquet
• Filters
• Post-injection swab
• Personal sharps bin

Some other articles may be around drug paraphernalia which should also be seen as drug litter. This can include: bloody tissues, empty syringe packets, tinfoil which has been used to smoke drugs, homemade crack pipes and other articles with post injection blood on them.....

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