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Gell, Lucy and Ally, Abdallah and Buykx, Penny and Hope, Ann . (2015) Alcohol's harm to others. Sheffield: Institute of Alcohol Studies. 33 p.

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Alcohol consumption can have a range of negative consequences for people around the drinker. There is an increasing level of awareness of and research into the role of alcohol in negative health and social outcomes for the family, friends, co-workers, strangers and wider society. Known as ‘passive harm’ or ‘harm to others’, this report provides an overview of international evidence on alcohol’s harm to others and presents findings on the socio-demographic variations in and clustering of harms in North West England and Scotland. Finally, it summarises UK and EU policies to address alcohol’s harm to others and suggest possible directions for future research in this field.

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Publication Type:Report
Drug Type:Alcohol
Date:July 2015
Pages:33 p.
Publisher:Institute of Alcohol Studies
Place of Publication:Sheffield
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