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Abercrombie, Rob and Harries, Ellen and Wharton, Rachel (2015) Systems change: a guide to what it is and how to do it. London: New Philanthropy Capital.

PDF (Systems change)

We have produced this guide to plug a gap in the systems change literature—providing accessible material and recommendations for action. It introduces the basic concepts, maps out the different perspectives in the systems change landscape and suggests good practice for systemic social action. It has been written as a resource for those working or supporting the social sector—namely charities and funders, but also those in the public sector or in social enterprises.

In summary, this guide:
• clarifies what is meant by systems and systems change
• describes the main perspectives on systems change
• outlines good practice for systems change
• identifies what is and is not agreed upon by experts in the field
• provides recommendations for charities, funders and the public sector on how to act systemically.

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