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[] , Colfor, Matthew Exam extremes: ADHD drug misuse and abuse. (30 Apr 2015)


The use of performance enhancing drugs among athletes is something most people have become accustomed to hearing about in the news from time to time. What is far less common however is the reporting of the use of brain stimulants used by students and medical professionals to help them perform better in school, college and at work, but this does not mean it is not occurring.

The drugs in question are known as methylphenidates or cognitive enhancers and work by increasing the activity in the central nervous system. This can increase awareness, decrease fatigue and improve an individual's attention span, hence why it is used to treat illnesses such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Some drugs which are classed as cognitive enhancers are Adderall, Modafinil and, probably the most well-known and commonly prescribed to ADHD patients, Ritalin.

Research into the use of methylphenidates by students and professionals has been carried out in the United States and Great Britain but there has yet to be any research conducted into the matter in Ireland.....

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