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McMonagle, Helen (2015) Alcohol-related brain injury a guide for families. Letterkenny: Alcohol Forum.

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There is no doubting the impact that an Alcohol-Related Brain Injury (ARBI) can have on the family. The trauma experienced by family members while coping with the person’s alcoholdependence may have been significant and presented enormous challenges over many years. This burden is felt all the more heavily with the development of a complex brain injury.

Most often, those caring for people with ARBI will have no special expertise in working with issues related to this condition. This guide has been developed to help fill this gap, by serving as a resource to families and carers.

We have tried to structure the guide so that you can easily access the information most relevant to you. We want to assist families to feel more comfortable and confident in their interactions with those who have developed this type of brain injury. Ultimately, the aim of this guide is to alleviate some of the difficulties felt by families who have received little or no support in the past. While not a definitive guide, we hope that you find this resource useful in your continued efforts to support your loved one.

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