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Irish Cancer Society. (2014) Position paper on electronic cigarettes. Dublin: Irish Cancer Society.

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  •  According to research commissioned by the Irish Cancer Society, there are approximately 134,000 e-cigarette users in Ireland.
  •  Research into the long-term effects of their using e-cigarettes is not yet available.
  •  The Irish Cancer Society cannot recommend the use of e-cigarettes without guarantees on their long-term safety.
  •  In the absence of proven safety and efficacy, the Society wants the Department of Health to regulate e-cigarettes as medicinal product.
  •  The Irish Cancer Society is committed to a reduction in the rate of smoking in Ireland and has been a tireless advocate of the Government’s goal   of a Tobacco Free Ireland by 2025. We recommend that smokers seeking to quit do so by giving up immediately and permanently.
  •  The Irish Cancer Society wants to ensure marketing of e-cigarettes ‘denormalises’ smoking rather than renormalise it.
  •  The Irish Cancer Society believes the workplace smoking ban should not be undermined and therefore supports employers who keep their workplaces free of e-cigarette use.
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December 2014
Irish Cancer Society
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