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[drugs.ie] Personalised online video feedback on drug use is now available 24 x 7. (14 Apr 2015)

External website: http://www.drugs.ie/drugtest

Drugs.ie launches interactive drug self-assessment and brief intervention resource


Research into help-seeking behaviours suggests that for the majority of people looking for help with a personal issue, the internet is now their first port of call.


The drugs.ie website has launched an interactive drug ‘self-assessment and brief intervention’ resource. The resource will enable individuals over the age of eighteen to complete an online test to identify harmful drug use. On completing the test, the user receives personalised video feedback based on their specific responses, with suggestions on what to do in order to change any risks relating to their drug use.


This interactive resource uses the 'Drug Use Disorders Identification Test' (DUDIT) screening tool. The DUDIT was developed as a parallel instrument to the AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) for identification of individuals with drug-related problems. 


Tony Duffin, Director, Ana Liffey Drug Project:

“Being an online assessment test it is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and engagement is confidential and anonymous. The test can also be accessed by large numbers of people at a time that suits them. The DUDIT is a validated clinical measure. What makes this resource unique is that it provides personalised feedback in video format - a first internationally for a test of this nature.”


The video-based feedback in the resource has been compiled by Dr. Bobby Smyth, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and Philip James, Clinical Nurse Specialist with HSE Addiction Services.


The test is designed to be used by over 18’s on desktop computers. You can access the resource at: http://www.drugs.ie/drugtest


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