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National Cancer Control Programme. (2015) Report on the implementation of ‘A strategy for cancer control in Ireland 2006’. Dublin: National Cancer Control Programme.

PDF (Implementation of cancer strategy 2006)

P.193 - Progress on recommendations
Recommendation 2 - Compliance with all provisions of the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts, 2002 and 2004 should be

Recommendation 3 - Excise duty on cigarettes should be substantially increased each year above the rate of inflation. To this end the National Cancer Forum should produce a pre – Budget submission to the Minister for Finance each year in order to continue advocating for price increases on tobacco.

Recommendation 4 - Nicotine replacement therapy should be
made available free of charge to all medical card holders.

P.194 - Recommendation 6 - The Report of the Strategic Task Force on Alcohol, 2002 should be implemented in full.
The Government recently approved an extensive package of measures to deal with alcohol misuse to be incorporated in a Public Health (Alcohol) Bill. These measures are based on the recommendations contained in the Steering Group Report on a National Substance Misuse Strategy, 2012. The package of measures to be implemented will include provision for:
• minimum unit pricing for alcohol products;
• the regulation of advertising and marketing of alcohol;
• structural separation of alcohol from other products in mixed trading outlets;
• health labelling of alcohol products; and
• regulation of sports sponsorship.

The Government also approved that: Public health messaging relating to alcohol will be based on grams of alcohol. Weekly low-risk drinking guidelines should be 168 grams (17 standard drinks) for men and 112 grams (11 standard drinks) for women.

The other measures will be progressed by the relevant departments and organisations. An Implementation Group for Alcohol has been established within the HSE to address the actions in the Report of the Steering Group on a National Substance Misuse Strategy for which the health service has responsibility. This Implementation Group is led by Social Inclusion (Primary Care Division) with a specific Health and Wellbeing sub group to progress all relevant a actions. Work has commenced in regard to a communications strategy; actions in regard to prevention and enforcement. Environmental Health Services are actively working with the DOH in regard to regulations and legislation.

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