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Mitis, Francesco and Sethi, Dinesh and Crispino, Vittoria and Galea, Gauden . (2014) European facts and the Global status report on violence prevention 2014. Copenhagen: World Health Organization. 32 p.

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This regional fact sheet is published with the first Global status report on violence prevention 2014 and assesses measures countries are taking to prevent violence. Data were collected in 41 of the 53 countries of the WHO European Region and new global, regional and national estimates of homicide were computed. The findings show that nearly 35 000 people were victims of homicides in 2012. Those most at risk are males aged 30–59 years. The non-fatal effects of violence are enormous and far-reaching and pose a strain on health systems and societies. More data-informed national plans need to be developed in the Region. Countries are investing in solutions to prevent violence, but scaling-up is urgently required. Laws to protect against violence have been widely enacted, but reported enforcement is inadequate and needs to be improved. Health systems need to take the lead on developing quality services to identify, refer, protect and support victims. Policy-makers and practitioners from different sectors need to work together to implement evidence-informed solutions that focus on equity and the lifecourse approach.

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