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[Alcohol Action Ireland] Students launch campaign to highlight the impact of alcohol on youth mental health. (03 Dec 2014)

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The Union of Students of Ireland (USI) has today (Wednesday) launched a new campaign that highlights the mental health impact of harmful drinking on young people.

The USI’s new resource on alcohol and mental health, mentaldrinking.ie, contains easy-to-understand information on the risks that alcohol consumption, particularly binge drinking, pose to young people, and the impact this can have on their mental health and wellbeing.

As part of its campaign, the USI is also encouraging third level students to lead by example and pass on the truth about harmful drinking and the many problems it causes to the next generation, particularly their younger brothers and sisters.

Alongside its information and awareness-raising campaign, the USI will be providing alcohol brief intervention training, beginning with student union welfare officers and then extending to student counsellors and other relevant groups. The USI will also be working with students unions throughout the country to implement new alcohol policies and improve best practice, particularly around events and their promotion.

“The mentaldrinking campaign and resource aims – in the plainest and most accessible language possible – to show students both the immediate impact and long-term effects of alcohol on them in relation to their physical and, particularly, their mental health,” said Greg O’Donoghue, USI Vice-President for Welfare.

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