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Rape Crisis Network Ireland. (2014) National rape crisis statistics 2013. Galway: Rape Crisis Network Ireland.

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1. An evidenced based response to sexual violence, which is founded on robust data collection and research ensures the most effective and cost-efficient means of confronting such violence are employed by all agencies and organisations working in this area. Nationally comparable administrative data collection which is accurate and reliable should continue to be supported. All frontline sexual violence services should be supported to contribute to this vital knowledge resource.
2. Rape Crisis Centres have a unique understanding of the complexity of sexual violence and the impact on the lives of those both directly and indirectly affected by it. In responding to this RCCs have developed a specialised set of knowledge and skills and a service tailored specifically to survivors. RCCs should continue to be supported to provide the wide range of specialised services they have developed over 40 years to those affected by sexual violence.
3. A multi-departmental whole of government response is needed in order to ensure that the multiple needs of survivors are met and that attitudes towards and prevalence of sexual violence are confronted within our society.
4. Appropriate education of young people is a vital preventative solution to sexual violence which should be supported by the Department of Education. RCNI considers that a national whole-of-school programme directed at primary prevention is urgently required for the Irish state to be meet its fundamental duty of care to children in the education system.
5. Responses to the older child and youth with regards sexual violence vulnerability and aggression requires expert and specific attention within the Youth Strategy under development within the Dept. of Children and Youth Affairs.
6. RCNI recommends specialist training for An Garda Síochána in sexual violence be developed further, to include new intensive modules on adult sexual violence issues (for example; inter-partner violence, alcohol use) and on historic child sexual abuse issues. This should incorporate expert input from Rape Crisis counsellors on the impacts of sexual violence on its victims.
7. RCNI recommends that An Garda Síochána Policy on the investigation of Sexual Crime, Crimes against Children and Child Welfare should specify in addition to the existing provisions on contact that members investigating sexual crimes to ask each victim how and when to contact them for the duration of the case, contact them as agreed, and record that contact has taken place on the case file.

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