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Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems. (2014) Alcohol and the developing adolescent brain: evidence review. Edinburgh: Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems.

PDF (Alcohol and the developing adolescent brain)

• Section One: Introduction
• Section Two: In the first paper, Dr. Iroise Dumontheil summarises the processes of development that occur during adolescence, the links between adolescence and mental health, and findings from research into peer influences on behaviour.
• Section Three: In the next paper, Dr. Killian Welch reviews evidence on detectable brain abnormalities in young people with alcohol use disorders.
• Section Four: Professor Gunter Schumann then goes on to discuss what advances in genetic research can teach us about different responses to alcohol by individuals.
• Section Five: Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes makes the case for the importance of understanding the neuropsychobiological mechanisms for early-onset alcohol use and escalation of drinking so as to inform prevention and treatment.
• Section Six: Dr.Gordon Fernie reviews the available evidence to determine alcohol’s impact on impulsivity and control processes.
• Section Seven: This aims to capture the main themes of our round table discussion. This process was facilitated by the discussants; Professor Stephen Lawrie, Dr. Peter Rice, Dr. Evelyn Gillan and Eric Carlin.
• Appendix One: Dr. Deborah Shipton discusses findings of national surveys of self-reported alcohol consumption provide insight into adolescent drinking in Scotland.
• Appendix Two: Dr. Lesley Graham examines the evidence on harms to young people from alcohol consumption.

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