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Reilly, Judge Michael (2014) Inspector of prisons annual report 2013/2014. Dublin: Department of Justice and Equality.

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1.1 In this Annual Report I give brief details of my activities for the period 1st January 2013 to the date of this Report.
1.2 I am satisfied that the vision of the Director General of the Irish Prison Service and his management team augers well for the future of prisons in this Country. In saying this not alone do I refer to the building programme which will eliminate slopping out except for a minority of prisoners in Portlaoise Prison, to the reduction in the prison population but also to the new and innovative structures that have been put in place for the benefit of both staff and prisoners.
1.3 The Irish Prison System is fast approaching to the point where the majority of prisoners who wish to have singe cells will be able to avail of same, where prisoners who wish to avail of educational opportunities will be able to and where those who wish to avail of structured, relevant work training courses can do so.
1.4 The Minister for Justice and Equality and the Irish Prison Service must be congratulated for having the foresight and the tenacity, even in severe economic times, to persevere with this vision.
1.5 There are, however, challenges ahead. ALL members of the Irish Prison Service from Governors to Recruit Officers must buy into the changing system as must all those who provide services to prisoners and to prisons.
1.6 The Irish Prison Service has had to and must further adapt to the changing economic situation.
1.7 Many of the changes that have come about have meant that the prisons have become more open to outside eyes. I welcome this initiative. voluntarily of their time to bring sporting, cultural and vocational training to the prisons which can only benefit the prisoners. It is appreciated by the prisoners.
1.9 In Chapter 2, I give details of Reports that I submitted to the Minister during the period covered by this Report. I do not intend elaborating on these reports as they speak for themselves.
1.10 In Chapter 3, I give details of my contacts with the Irish Prison Service and the Department of Justice and Equality in relation to various advices that I gave. I also give details of protocols and standard operating procedures that the Irish Prison Service has promulgated.
1.11 In Chapter 4, I give details of my procedures for the investigation of deaths of prisoners and for the investigation of prisoners’ complaints.
1.12 In Chapter 5, I give details of my ongoing work and my programme for the coming year.
1.13 In Chapter 6, I give details of the issues which still give cause for concern.
[6.13 The prevalence of drugs and other contraband is a matter of grave concern]

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